What Is Pattern Making

Pattern making for clothing construction is a specific art and is a separate skill from illustrating or construction of the garment. It is one of the most important parts of the process as it determines how the garments will fit the end customer.

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Many software programs are available online and in the bookstores, but they are flat pattern and do not necessarily work over the curves of the human form. They are a place to start and then adjustments to that flat pattern that has been drafted have to be made so it will fit the human curves.

This over the years has been the cause for a great deal of confusion when someone wants to become a clothing or fashion designer. You must have these skills in your pattern making tool box to be able to have success in this field. making garment patterns that do not fit after the garment is constructed will cost a great deal of time and money and in the end you will be quite frustrated.

There certainly are tools to help you get started and become an expert in pattern making. When learned correctly and approached in a specific way the designs you see in your head can turn into a reality and the garments can be hanging on the rack and being sold to customers who appreciate your design flair.

There is nothing more exciting from a fashion designer standpoint than to know you have made the garment from start to finish. From pattern making to final garment.