What Is Fashion Illustration

Everything in fashion begins with an idea. The next step is to do an illustration or drawing of the idea to see if it is a flattering style and if it is in balance. My favorites are fashion illustrations which are the artistic representations of garment or apparel designs.

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Often times a fashion illustrator sells the unique art work or turns it into a print that can be shown in a magazine or gallery. Not all garments that have been illustrated are actually made into garments that can be worn. A good  illustrator becomes known for their connection to style and beauty.

A good example of fashion illustration is one where the garments are the main focus and are clearly illustrated. This willl determine if the pattern making process can be done or not. The fashion illustration is an unique art by itself. You need to strike a balance between the whole drawing and the details of the garment. Sometimes you just want the illustation without any further steps.

Many illustrators work with a variety of materials including pencil, pen and ink, charcoal and watercolor. The best illustrators  have captured the likeness with just a few lines and those who have the ability to do that have had long careers with the major fashion houses and top magazines and designers.

Fashion illustrators contribute illustrations to fashion magazines, television commercials, product packages and labels, t-shirts, and textile designs. You will also find illustrators combining hand-drawn and computer-based imagery, some work happily across a variety of visual mediums, from fine art painting to fashion and textile, as well as pure illustration for the editorial and advertising markets.

After the 60’s many new illustrators began working on the computer and we have a new way to look at and enjoy fashion illustration.

Sometimes the drawings are just not able to be made into patterns that can be cut and constructed so just the hint of the garment is what is appealing to the eye and what makes the illustrators so important in the fashion industry.

If you do want to actually have a garment that you can illlustrate and take through the entire process from pattern making to finished garment you will want to pay particular attention to how you are doing the illustrations.