Fashion Design Templates

Every design idea starts with a sketch that you then can make into a pattern that can be cut and constructed.

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As a professional pattern maker and clothing designer, there were several things that my students consistently had a challenge with in trying to get started. I have gathered together the resources for you to begin and succeed with confidence.

First you must get over your fear that you are not able to sketch your designs. With a template of the body, you can trace what you need to show clearly your idea of what should be included in your current season. By learning what each of the six seasons per year include, you are off to a great start with just these tools that are shown.

Having the knowledge of the elements and details required to become a fashion designer will give you the confidence to step out and begin to pursue a career as a fashion designer. Much of what you need does not require expensive courses at a fashion design school and the exercises can be completed at home in your time available. You want to learn pattern making as your first step.

Starting out this way will let you know if you really do want to become a famous fashion designer and will give you the steps to do in order so your organization of your designs and sketches will easily guide you into just the area of fashion design that will really make you happy. You have many choices of types and styles of clothing that you might like to design, make and sell.

The easiest way to start drawing your clothing designs, even if you are not a good artist is to use a set of female fashion figure templates in different positions so you can have the form under your drawing paper to trace the basic elements like shoulder width, arm length, body length and leg length. In this program just the female fashion figure templates are included but finding the male figure templates is easy to do.

If you are struggling with how to communicate your design style, how to draw and how to take your next steps of getting into the fashion industry and becoming a successful fashion designer the templates will speed up your skill development as well as give you the confidence to show your line. The templates will also help you know which designs can be made into patterns and which designs will not do well as patterns or finished garments.

Your design will look in proportion so you can get an idea if what you see in your mind looks like what you want when it is on paper.

After doing several designs you can begin to assemble a storyboard of all of the designs you want to have in your portfolio or fashion line. Side by side you can see if the line looks like it belongs together as a consistent fashion story and fill in where it seems to be missing the feel of the other designs in the line.

Learning to do your designs in storyboard presentation will help you put together a visually appealing Fashion Line that will appeal to your buyers.