We decorate our trousers with our own hands: embroidery, lace and patches.

Pattern Making For Pants

Decorate our pants with our own hands: embroidery, lace and patches

any woman strives for originality, especially in terms of appearance. But to create an original style is often not necessary to purchase unique clothing. And if aesthetic beliefs require the appearance at celebrations in classic clothes, you can wear something comfortable and beautiful to the party. But often a well-fitting model looks simple and uncomplicated. Is it possible to make ordinary trousers unique?

The easiest way to decorate your trousers, especially the classic black or white ones, is to buy a bright belt. It immediately gives the clothes elegance. White or black lacquer belt – and women’s trousers become a good office option. A belt with a large decorative buckle – and in pants you can go to a party with it.

Nashivnye ornaments

In this simple way you can decorate classic trousers and trendy jeans. You will need the jewelry itself – rhinestones, rivets, patches, applications, beads, glassware and our skilled hands.


A bright piece of jewellery capable of transforming trousers. This sparkling decoration is better created with hot fixing rhinestones. This requires flat-bottomed rhinestones. It is desirable to buy them with a reserve – suddenly there will be a desire to change the pattern. Wet your trousers, then dry and place them on the ironing board. Then lay out the desired pattern – a flower, heart or curls. When it is formed, iron it with an iron in the vaporization mode. This will allow the rhinestones to attach quickly and securely to the trousers. After that, you can wash and iron your trousers without any problems. Over time, of course, some rhinestones will disappear. That’s when you need spare – to replace.


Another original decoration of women’s trousers – rivets. They are fixed in the fabric by bending petals. Place the rivets along the seams, sometimes on the contours of pockets or belts. They can be used, for example, to lay out drawings or letters. For this purpose, trousers are laid out on the table, they are sketched and punctured into the fabric along its contours. After that, the petals of the rivets are bent and fixed in the fabric.


They are suitable for masking damage as well as for decorating trousers. .
Typically, the scraps are of the same type of fabric. Classic pants are difficult to decorate with patches – they will look pretty provocative. They are ideal for denim pants. The patches are made of velvet, velvet and leather. These materials can be pre-screened or left with a fringe and then glued (with special glue or thermo tape) or sewn directly onto the pants in the area of pockets or pants.


These are more beautiful patches. They can be made up with your own hands or purchased from the hardware department. Applications can be combined with glassware, rhinestones or embroidery. Otherwise, the technology of application is similar to that of patches.

Embroidery and Sewing

If you work with threads not only as a hobby, but as an activity that provides unlimited space for creativity, you can try to create your own original trouser jewelry based on embroidery or sewing.


This is probably the most time-consuming way to decorate your trousers. And embroidery on classic trousers is equivalent to a work of art. After all, it is important, first of all, not to spoil the clothes, and then create something memorable. With jeans the situation is easier, because they are a less strict item of clothing. For embroidery with their own hands will need threads muline, hoops and needles. Possible and machine embroidery, but on the pockets it will be possible to do, before their rebuffs.

The embroidery pattern is selected to your liking. It is worth remembering that after washing pants fabric can moult, so it is better to wash and dry them before starting work. The image is applied to the fabric with a special eraser. It is better to make simple stitches, and in the case of embroidery with a cross – the superimposed canvas, which threads can then be pulled out. Do not place the pattern in places of natural curves of trousers, otherwise it will quickly lose shape and color.


For those craftswomen who use a sewing machine, it will not be too difficult to decorate trousers with decorative braid, fringe or lace. Decorations can be used for suede, leather, denim and corduroy clothes in different colors – white, blue and black. It is sewn into the outer seams of trousers, on the edge of pockets or belt. With its help it is convenient to mask expanding trouser inserts. Suitable lace and for short pants – sewn on the bottom of the pants, it allows you to.
it’s zoomatic to lengthen them.

Drawings and “irregularities”

Decorating pants with your own hands, you can resort to playing with color.


Of course, white classic trousers can only be spoiled by the picture. But jeans are quite real to paint with acrylic paints. They are applied to pockets or pants with special stencils. Before drawing, it is necessary to train on a “rough” piece of fabric or on unnecessary trousers.


The effect of “white spots” or “white stripes” will look only on the jeans, but not on the classics. It can be achieved by washing. To do this, add bleach to the water, and tie the jeans themselves in the pockets and bottom of the pants with a twine. The result in any case will be original. It turns out that several ornaments with the help of their hands is quite real to change the appearance of ordinary trousers.

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