The best programs for creating an ISO disk image.

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A virtual disk image is essential for storing very important information. By creating ISO images, you can play any game without the presence of a real disc. Simply create an emulated disc and then mount it in the drive and you can enjoy the information recorded on it. Today, there are dozens of software programs from around the world. Some of them can be bought, others are distributed for free. It is difficult for an inexperienced user to find a really useful product among so many. Let’s look at the best options offered by the software manufacturer for producing a disk image.

Variant 1: CDBurnerXP

CDBurnerXP is a powerful utility that works with all kinds of disks and images. It is capable of writing, rewriting, and erasing data on disk. Is a free product which has proved well among users. Allows you to create any bootable disks, save media files to your hard drive. CDBurnerXP easily creates a convenient virtual disk with *.iso extension. Works with multi-session disks in all windows operating systems (7,8,10). To create a virtual ISO image, the user needs to perform 3 simple steps:


The main program window has a nice interface

  1. . When installing, open the “More Options” tab to get rid of the obsessive additional software. You should choose either a portable version or an installer without OpenCandy.
  2. After installation, run the application. A list of options will appear in the window that appears. To create a virtual disk, we need to select the tab “Create ISO images, write data disks”. If you need to create an image from disk, select “Copy disk”.
  3. In the window that opens, the user can easily add several files to form a virtual image.
  4. The last step of the process is to save the image.Use CDBurnerXP for one pleasureTo do this, select “File – Save project as ISO image”..

Variant 2: ImgBurn

In terms of ease of use and clear interface, this free software can be called one of the most convenient. However, even on the official website you will not find a clean executable file. The standard installer package also contains unwanted software.


The program is quite simple to use

. By the way, no suspicious activity has been detected in Windows 10, but you should be careful. Developer’s website:
ImgBurn is a functional program with a simple interface. It can be used to create a bootable disk for installing the Windows 7 operating shell. When downloaded by default, the program is downloaded in English, but, if desired, you can always download the file from the official source Russifier, and then insert the file with Russian into the folder Language.


Russification of the program will help to understand faster the functionality of

The application can create virtual images from disks, from files. Creating an image from a file is very easy: just click on the corresponding icon and add files and directories to create the image.

Option 3: ISO Workshop

ISO Workshop is another version of the ISO image creation application. Simple interface, works with *. scene images. Working with files of this format allows you to record album images in uncompressed form.


The program is understandable even for inexperienced users

. The program allows you to check the discs for errors and erase them. Reference to the official resource: .


Just select “Convert” and you will be presented with the necessary window

Option 4: Ashampoo Burning Studio

A convenient program with an attractive interface is absolutely free. Supports a number of formats in addition to the well-known ISO. Works with any disks. Creation of the emulated drives is only one of the functions of Ashampoo Burning means of this software it is possible to overwrite disks several times without problems, to copy any disks. For those who need to create a virtual disk with files you should follow the following recommendations:

  1. After installing the program that can be downloaded from this site.
    : , you will launch the application and see a list of tasks.


The main menu has a nice appearance


  • When you put the cursor over the Create Image tab, you will see a tab with three possible variations (“Write Image”, “Create Image”, “Create Image from Files”). The first option is to burn the previously created ISO image to a blank CD or DVD. The second record shows that you can create an image with the information available on the inserted optical disc.
    The user is presented with 3 variants of working with images

    . It is thanks to the third method that any user can build their own ISO-file.

  • You chose the “Create an image from files” tab. Now you are offered to choose the format for the virtual image.
    Choose the appropriate option

    There are three options: a specific CUE/BIN, a popular ISO and the native format of the program itself. Since this article deals with the creation of an ISO image, we choose this option.

  • The last step in creating an ISO file is to add files. The process is very simple, because you can see which files you add and how much they weigh. For clarity, a ruler with the size of the added files is shown below.

Variant 5: UltraISO

It’s difficult to analyze utilities without such a giant as UltraISO. The program refers to the paid representatives of the family of emulators of the disk drive. Works with a large number of files, creates virtual disks and writes images to a real optical disk.


The functionality of the program is not easy. You should understand it.

It’s easy to create a virtual disk image, but for an unregistered version, the capacity limit is 300 megabytes. Users are offered a variant that can be downloaded from the official website: If you need a full version, you can buy the version for money or look for a “pill” in the network.


Launch the creation of an ISO image with a few mouse clicks. Each of them is good .
but in their own way, but all programs can easily and quickly emulate the disk.

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