Ten things to do in Los Angeles.

Pattern Making Los Angeles

You don’t have to be so hopeful that you’ll understand and see the whole of L.A. if you come here for a week. The city is huge and multifaceted. Los Angeles has a population of 3,792,620. To be precise, it’s better to call it a county of 88 cities over four thousand square miles, not a city. Among these cities are Hollywood, Venice, Santa Monica, Downtown, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Long Beach… So turn on the LA woman headphones and get ready to do the minimum work in the city of angels.

1. Rent a car immediately!

Or find a driver friend. There is nothing to do here without a car. Public transport in LA is poorly developed and expensive – there are no free transfers between buses and subway trains. The subway connects only the central districts and has only six lines. Taxis are a luxury. You can rent a car right at the airport for all days of the trip.

2. Visit Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park, dedicated to the oldest existing Hollywood film studio, is one of the most interesting parks in the world. The amusement park occupies a huge area next to Hollywood. It recreates the atmosphere of specific films. For example, there is an attraction dedicated to the film “Earthquake”, where the daredevils experience real jolts of more than 8 points, and “Jurassic Park” offers a water journey on the river, on the banks of which the dinosaurs walk. Entrance tickets cost about $100 per day. If you come here for one day, it is better to take a more expensive ticket (about $ 160), which gives the right to enter all the attractions without queuing. This will save you a lot of time. But it is best to come to Universal Studios Hollywood for two days.

3. Relax in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is kilometres of white beaches, a long beautiful promenade, a pier with attractions and entertainment. Here you can just have lunch at some fish restaurant overlooking the waves of the Pacific Ocean. You can ride bicycles or make jogging, filling the lungs with sea air. You can saddle up waves on the board or just lie on the sand and have a picnic. Be careful: gulls are hungry everywhere!

4. Have fun in Venice

The Venice district (California’s Venice) is known to the world for its Californication series. This is where the attractive and dangerous Hank Moody lives. .
Walk down these streets and you’ll understand Hank’s choice. Venice is full of crazy freaks. On the oceanfront promenade you’ll be offered weed every three steps. Buy bright glasses for $8, hit a funny hippie on the shoulder on rollers and with a tape recorder, then explore the area away from the ocean – there you will see the canals, it will be clear why this place is called Venice.

5. Watch your bellies in the Cheesecake Factory

The excellent network of establishments Cheesecake Factory will please sweet toes with the huge choice of cheesecakes, but not only – the menu offers and high-grade hot dishes for quite moderate money by the standards of Los Angeles. Facility’s history dates back to the beginning of the 20th century when Cheesecake Factory was just a shop. Now these cafes serve giant portions of good food. Our advice to you is not to eat too much, otherwise you won’t be enough for the cheesecakes themselves. Cheesecakes here are also huge – one piece will be the size of a cake, we do not exaggerate. Here is the address of one of the cafes – 189 The Grove Dr.

6. Walk down Downtown

Here it is better to arrive in the evening, but not too late – when office clerks already leave the streets, and homeless people will not have time to settle down at each wall with their trolleys for the night. It is necessary to come here with a pleasant company. Choose a place for dinner, where you can, for example, drink wine to the sound of a double bass.

7. Look in Chinatown

Small Chinese cities within other big cities have some magical nature. You cross the road and everything changes: lanterns, dragons, hieroglyphs, spicy kitchen scents from open windows. If you are a fan of porcelain and silk (real!), you need to come here. Those who are not eager to shop can visit Chinese theater, Chinese temples or dine in a Chinese restaurant – thus, by the way, a little saving.

8. Spend a day at the Griffith Observatory

First of all, the observatory is interesting in itself – it is an interactive museum where you can touch the exhibits or find out what your weight will be on the moon. And, by the way, the entrance inside is absolutely free. Second, the observatory is located in a very beautiful location in Griffith Park on the southern slope of Mount Hollywood. This mountain offers a wonderful view of Los Angeles and the famous Hollywood inscription. There are plenty of campers in the park, so have a picnic and you.

9. Discover Hollywood

in – every day there are thousands of tourists here. Walk back and forth along the boulevard, browsing souvenir shops and carefully bypassing the Japanese, who are energetically photographing celebrity names on the Stars’ Walk. Visit the Guinness Museum of Records and the Wax Museum. Wrap up at the Kodak Cinema, where you get an annual Oscar.

10. Freshen up on hockey at the Staples Center

Even if you are not a fan, the atmosphere of the Staples Center will win you over. The Staples Center is the home arena for Los Angeles Kings (NHL), Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers, (NBA), Los Angeles Sparks (WNBA), Los Angeles Evangers (AFL). Here, as in the movies, is a popular interactive experience with viewers. So if the camera chooses you and you see yourself on the big screen, don’t be afraid and do as you are told 🙂 Kiss your neighbor – kiss

Photo sources: author’s personal archive, epwr.ru, airbnb.ru, yablor.ru. .

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