Sewing clothes according to the customer’s model.

Sewing clothes according to the customer's model.

Pattern Making Dress

Sewing according to the customer’s model

We would be pleased to carry out the sewing of clothes according to the model proposed by you. You can provide your templates for sewing clothes.

Sewing clothes according to the customer's model. Costume dress Sewing clothes according to the customer's model. Knitted dresses Sewing clothes according to the customer's model. Chiffon dress

We provide a full range of works

  • Will make a full technological chain: from designing of tailor’s templates to sewing.
  • Advise you on sewing technology.
  • Help you select material, color and style.
  • Make test samples and make adjustments after your approval.
Our managers will contact you


Why it is worth ordering from us

  • We specialize in sewing a wide variety of clothing: children’s, women’s and men’s clothing for every day and for special occasions, different types of uniforms and corporate clothing.
  • We treat each customer individually, regardless of the size of the order.
  • Our factory is equipped with high quality processing and cutting equipment.
  • The team is made up of experienced employees who are dedicated and constantly improving their skills.
  • Customers’ orders are fulfilled on time and with quality.
  • Quality control is carried out at all stages of production.
  • We have a strong partnership with other industry players, such as fabric and hardware suppliers, to ensure reasonable prices for finished products.
  • If you wish, you can buy our specialist designs.
  • All products comply with quality standards and GOSTs.
  • If desired, we can sew clothes with personalization, logo, other images.
  • The factory offers various payment systems: both cash and non-cash.
  • Regular customers can count on bonuses and discounts.
  • We offer both large and small wholesale tailoring in St. Petersburg.

Our factory is aimed at long-term cooperation, therefore offers only qualitative service and the qualitative production answering your inquiries. You can get any consultation by phone or send us a request using the feedback form and the manager will contact you..

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