25 InDesign templates that every designer should have.

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If you plan to build a magazine, book or booklet, Adobe InDesign will undoubtedly become your chosen program. This software is perfectly configured to create complex layouts for printing and digital use, but sometimes you need some help.

These 25 templates, from catalogues to printed forms and everything between them, will give you the start to create your perfect design. Don’t even think about running InDesign without these useful templates.

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Multi-purpose Creative Template Portfolio

Magazine Templates

The use of the finished log template means that things like wizards, page numbers and headings are already set up for you. Plus, you can find a huge selection of stylish designs to suit virtually any genre.

On GraphicRiver you can find even more beautiful log templates.

1. Retro Magazine

Retro Magazine

Magazine Template Retro

Vintage print styles require a lot of work to make them look good. Creating gradients, old-style textures and muted color palettes can take precious hours. This eMagazine template allows you to export your journal as a stylish EPUB, ready to be viewed on desktops and portable devices.

3. Clean Magazine Template

Clean Magazine Template

This minimalistic log template does not have to scream to influence. It can be adapted to different journal genres, such as fashion, lifestyle or travel, and allows you to showcase beautiful photos and clean, modern typography.

4. Travel Magazine Template

Travel magazine Template

Looking for something more colorful? This travel template is a great example of a combination of dynamic color and optimistic design for a strong combination that cannot but attract the attention of the reader. The template also adapts well to other themes that are suitable for colourful, attractive styles, such as celebrity gossip or cooking.

5. Multipurpose Magazine

Multipurpose magazine template InDesign

This multipurpose template is made in a trendy style that combines exciting images with a cool, no-not-stitched font. Page layouts can be difficult to master if you start your magazine from scratch, so the templates are perfect for starting with such complex pages.

6. Lifestyle and Fashion Magazine

Lifestyle and fashion magazine template

Lifestyle and fashion often need design aesthetics to seduce the right audience. This cool template uses geometric cut-outs and lettering styles to create an attractive design that outperforms fashion and is timeless.

7. Trend-Driven Log Template

Log Trend Template

Looking for a template that is forward-looking and unique? This trend-oriented template has a simple vintage style that is ideal for fashion brands and lifestyles. Group it with spectacular photography and content, and you’ll make a magazine created in heaven.

8. Colorful Magazine

Colorful magazine Template

Although the template is designed to publish interior design, this colorful, fun design will not feel inappropriate for a lifestyle, travel or design. The purity of fonts without serifs and stylish borders of pages – really show professionalism of this template.

Flyer and brochure templates

Advertising materials such as leaflets and brochures do not need to be collected all day. And these beautifully designed templates are quickly edited and can be immediately printed.

Looking for something slightly different from the leaflets below? You can find many beautiful flyer templates and brochures on GraphicRiver.

9. 3 in 1 Corporate Flyer Bundle

3 in 1 corporate flyer bundle

Choose one of the colors and styles with this package of corporate flyers. Adaptable to virtually any business, it has a pure modern look that looks professional and trustworthy at once.

10. Creative Corporate Flyer

Creative corporate flyer template

Want to promote a creative business, such as a photographer’s studio or local printing house? This corporate flyer still looks businesslike, but has a more creative approach, using geometric tile images and a type of logo to make a statement.

11. Charity or Community Event Flyer

Charity or community event flyer

Do you organize information gathering or charity events? This collage flyer can play an important role in making your event inclusive and welcoming. Update your own title, date and other eye-catching details and you’ll be ready to distribute it!

12. Multipurpose Business Brochure

Multipurpose business brochure

Brochures are longer than a flyer and therefore usually take longer to collect. Skip the hard part of your work with this ready-to-edit business brochure template. The orange and black palette feels modern and cool, and the infographic details will help you get your statistics in a visually beautiful way.

13. Multipurpose Trifold Brochure

Multipurpose trifold brochure

Trifold is a classic format that combines a one-page flyer with a multipage brochure. If you want to reduce your costs with extra space for content, an economical trifold is the ideal choice. This template is designed for real estate, but it can be easily adapted to another topic.

14. Simple Business Brochure

Simple business brochure template

Make a portrait brochure with a smooth and stylish horizontal design. This brochure template is compact and unassuming .
This makes it an excellent choice for demanding companies that want to make a design application for their customers.  Monochrome photography with acidic yellow details forms a trendy combination that looks great for virtually any industry or sector.

15. Lookbook Template

Catalogue Template

Fashion retailers use seasonal books to promote their new products in a context that seems more contemporary than the traditional catalogue. This lookbook template uses minimal monochrome detail to allow product shots to take centre stage. The trendy design and narrow fonts are in style and fashion.

16. Minimal InDesign Catalog

Minimal Template InDesign

This versatile catalogue design will be perfect for furniture or fashion stores. The simple style of the coloured blocks adds a cheerful touch to the professional and polished layout.

Book templates

Want to prepare a book for printing or EPUB? These handy InDesign templates will give you the start to create professional books. Here you can find the ready-to-edit book templates.

17. Company eBook

Company eBook Template

This stylish eBook template is ideal for sharing annual reports digitally, using clear color palettes and geometric details to assemble an ultra-professional and trendy design.  Designing a report for a creative firm such as a design agency or architectural firm? This template will be an excellent one.

18. Cookbook Template

Cookbook template InDesign

Some books require more complex layouts than others. Cookbooks – one such example – need to combine easy-to-read recipes with interesting photos to make it stylish. This cookbook template provides all of these factors, helping you to create a prescription bible in a minimal, simplified way.

Portfolio templates

InDesign templates are a cost-effective and easy approach to updating your portfolio. These templates are easy to adapt to your own content, whether it’s a graphic designer, photographer or web designer.

Find even more fantastic portfolio templates on GraphicRiver.

19. Photography Portfolio

Photography portfolio check .

This simple photo portfolio will make a great structure for your best photos. Full-page images with a classic white frame will really show your work in the best light.

20. Creative Portfolio

Creative portfolio template

Clean, non-slicking fonts and beautifully designed image images make this elegant template an excellent choice for designers and photographers. The ample white space gives your work space for breathing.

21. Multipurpose Creative Portfolio

Multipurpose creative portfolio

This horizontal portfolio is fantastic for graphic designers and printers who need a little more space to showcase different aspects of one project. This elegant book will fit neatly into small envelopes to make a clever yet effective statement to any potential employer.

Business card templates & forms

No job application or offer to customers will be complete without a beautifully designed letterhead and business card. Do not send any application and do not proceed to any network event without these essential needs.

You can track even more amazing GraphicRiver form templates.

22. Juniper Stationery Set

Juniper stationery set

This modern and soothing form design will work just as well for designers as it does for start-up companies. Change the image of the forest to your own photo or illustration for a completely unique design of the template.

23. Juniper Business Card

Juniper business card template

Complete your stylish form with an amazing business card that matches it. This style is very simple and elegant and set up to be sent for printing.

24. Corporate Stationery Set

Corporate stationery set

This clean and corporate set of forms provides an excellent basis for creating more minimal or more creative forms, envelopes and card layouts. The graphics have a subtle, futuristic feel that would make it ideal for web designers or application designers.

25. Block Color Stationery Set

Block color stationery set

Looking for a nice design? This colourful design is borrowed from retrographic styles, but provides a completely modern.
the view. Ideal choice for creative and corporate enterprises.


Thanks to a set of versatile, excellent templates, from magazines to portfolios, you’ll always have the help to create your next publishing project. InDesign templates – Amazingly time-saving and looking great – with a few simple settings, you can also turn a template into something completely unique.

When you know where to look for stunning InDesign templates, they are easy to find. You will find thousands of great templates on GraphicRiver and Envato Elements.

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